Quick Update

quick bit of housekeeping:  due to a bit of structural re-organising, please ring the bell if there’s no answer when knocking as occupants may not hear you otherwise!!  cheers.


Also on Thursday 8th March the Traveller Solidarity Network info tour is coming to Cardiff – this is a great opportunity to learn about Travellers and dispel a lot of myths, as well as find out what you can do to help.  The talk will be at Cathays Community Centre, Cathays Terrace at 1800hrs.



Smash EDO Info night – Tuesday28th, 6.00pm!

Tuesday 28th, 6.00pm

Come along and learn about Smash EDO and the Summer of Resistance. Stick around for a Peoples Kitchen Vegan meal!

Since 2001, EDO/ITT’s products have been used to attack civilian populations in Afghanistan, Gaza, Iraq, Lebanon, Somalia and Pakistan. ITT, EDO’s parent company, has a track record of clients that includes the Nazis, Franco and the Pinochet regime. ITT continue to lobby Western governments to pursue military action in order to boost their profit margin. EDO/ITT may be only one cog in the global war machine but shutting them down will throw a spanner in the works.

Since 2004 Brightonians and thousands of supporters from around the world have demonstrated their rage at the factory through a variety of methods. Weekly noise demos, pickets, blockades, rooftop occupations, lobbying, street theatre, mass demonstrations and sabotage have all been used to pile pressure on EDO to leave. Despite being subject to a successful civilian decommissioning during Israel’s 2009 brutal assault on Gaza, the factory somehow clings on.



Women’s Self Defence workshop.

MONDAY 27th, 3.30pm

Starting this Monday, we will be hosting a women’s self defence workshop.

These workshops are about learning and practising a variety of simple, yet effective physical and mental self-protection techniques, which can give women an improved level of confidence in handling difficult situations. The course will also hopefully develop greater awareness and assertiveness so that the physical skills will hopefully not be needed!

PUNK ROCK Emergency Sunday

The RBU is proud to announce a full lineup for our show on this coming Sunday:

The Autonomads – anarcho ska/dub/punk from Manchester

Gags – acoustic set from the frontman of political punk band No Choice

Inconsiderate Parking – humourous acoustic folk/punk

2pm doors

We will be holding the show at our new venue in the building – our very own gig space!  We hope to use this space as a musical practice room in the near future too, as well as an artistic space.

Also don’t forget our show on the 4th of February in the same room, featuring Gung Ho, Not Since The Accident, Zinc Bukowski, Section-6 and Zubat, with doors at 5pm, running ’til 11pm.

If anyone is able to help out with the gig in any way (still need parts of a PA system and crew for the night) please get in contact.  Also if you’d like to support us by playing at the RBU, or are interested in using the space, just drop us a line.


What’s happening at the Red and Black Umbrella?

We are currently open!


Arabic Lessons 5.30pm

Spanish Lessons 7pm

English language conversational club  5.30pm                                                                                                                                               Come and practice your english language in a relaxed environment, stay for a hot meal afterwards!

People’s Kitchen 6.30pm
come along for a vegan meal, free or for donations which go towards a different cause every week.

Cardiff ABC Prisoner Support 2pm
write letters to prisoners and learn about political prisoners.

Circus Workshop 2pm
come and learn new skills or share yours!

Renewable Energy and Self-Sufficiency Workshop 12pm
come along and learn how to get energy from the sun, wind, rain, compost and other renewable sources.


  • Tuesday January 17th – English Lanuage Conversation Club (5pm) Conversational session for English learners with tea, coffee and cake (may become a weekly session).
  • Friday January 20th – Cardiff ABC Shaun Lloyd Fundraiser. Featuring: Molly Zacharias, Efa Supertramp and Inconsiderate Parking. (7-10.oopm) One off gig to raise awareness and help towards legal costs for IPP prisoners.
  • Sunday January 29th – Punk Rock Emergency Sunday. Featuring: The Autonomads and much much more! (2pm-7ish)
  • Saturday February 4th – Gung Ho, Not Since The Accident, Zinc Bukowski & Zubat (4-11.30pm)
  • Sunday February 19th –Seed Swap Sunday (11.00am)  Bring your vegetable or flower seeds to swap, learn about renewable energies, plus info stalls about Adamsdown Community Garden and more.

If you would like to put a workshop on, or like to learn something we’re not offering, get in touch so we can try and organise it.
We want to use this space to it’s full potential, so would like anyone enthusiastic to help make this a great place for the community.